Dr. Renee Lanctot believes that sex can be fun for both partners in any
relationship. Whether you are after your first orgasm or looking for a deeper
and more meaningful sexual experience, she has the information and the
“tricks” to help you get there.

Dr. Renee Lanctot brings a fresh approach to viewing and dealing with sexual
issues affecting women and couples. She is easy to talk to, and is not
encumbered by taboos. Her direct and to the point approach helps desensitize
sexual discussions and makes people more comfortable when sharing personal
aspects of their lives.

Dr. Renee Lanctot has an extensive knowledge of the human body. She
initially trained in Kinesiology, focusing on body movement and brain function.
She then achieved a Doctorate in Human Sexuality in San Francisco through
the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in 2008.

Dr. Renee Lanctot is also a Sexual Health Educator. She acquired her
certification for the course component in July 2010 from Options for Sexual
Health. She can present a wide range of comprehensive sexual health
education seminars to a variety of audiences.

Dr. Renee Lanctot also has an active presence in diverse medias. She is
frequently interviewed by different radio stations and quoted in magazine and
newspaper articles. She also wrote columns for various papers such as The
Campus Paper. See more in the publications section.

Adapting to busy times and busy lives:

Because everyone has to juggle crazy schedules, I have adjusted my practice
to facilitate meeting with my clients. Web cams have become an important tool
in my practice. It decreases the amount of time wasted in transit and hunting
for parking.
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