Please contact Dr. Renee Lanctot if you have concerns or questions about the
  •   * Lack of Desire
  •   * Difference in Sex Drives
  •   * Intimacy Problems
  •   * Sexual Communication Problems
  •   * How to Improve your Sexual Attitude
  •   * How to Improve your Sex Life
  •   * Safe Sex and Contraception
  •   * How to Rekindle the Flame
  •   * How to Shop for Sex Toys
  •   * Is Porn an Issue?
  •   * Get the Correct Information about Sex
  •   * How to Demystify Sex
  •   * Difficulty to achieve orgasms
  •   * Appropriate courtship
  •   * How to love your body and use it too

The list goes on …
Fees and Terms of Services

Fees are $120 per hour. Not covered by MSP or extended medical.

Most sexual issues can be resolved in a few sessions when both parties are serious
about reaching their treatment goals.

24 hour notice is required for a cancellation. Failure to do so will ensue a missed
appointment fee.

Bundle sessions are also available. Please contact Dr. Renee for more information.

It is now easier than ever to meet using web cam!
Payments for online sessions must be paid 24 hours before meeting online.
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